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Hidden Paradise Mountain RESORT and Sensei Extreme Adventure Philippines is located in the town of Libo Ilaya San fernando in the southern part of Cebu, 25 kilometers from Cebu City, Philippines.

Transfer from Manila on the hour by the hour daily flights from Manila-Cebu-Manila via Philippine Airlines.

Through Cathay Pacific Airways, direct flights from Japan, Singapore, Korea and Rome via Hongkong – Cebu, Philippines.

Superferry boats ply the 18-hour Manila-Cebu-Manila route almost daily.

It takes approximately one hour of leisurely driving by car on well-paved roads and rustic landscape from Cebu airport to San Fernando.

No matter what goals we attain in our lives and careers, nature remains the ultimate benchmark of what we can achieve.
An Extreme Adventure reveals exactly who you are, demanding the most of your physical, psychological and perhaps even spiritual selves.
Face the challenge of your body temperatures, Venture to places that test your ability to persevere; push your body to the limit in the harshest conditions and with the most demanding activities.
Savor the rewards that only come from experiencing nature at its most extreme adventure.

Only in the Philippines…Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort is partnered with Sensei Extreme Adventure Philippines who offers different outdoor activities…. What are you waiting for??? visit now….

For more information you can contact Jade @ 255-4112/415-9664 or mobile no. +639072710203. Adventure


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