Standard Rooms

Standard rooms can accommodate 2 persons or a couple.

> Php 1,500.00/overnight

> air conditioned

> a shower and a CR

> FREE breakfast for two

Standard Rooms

Standard Bed

Standard Single Beds

For inquiries, please call Camille.

Weekdays @ 8am-5pm and on Saturdays @ 9am-3pm


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  1. 1

    thugz said,

    Tag pila man ang room nga non-aircon? As far as I know that naay room nga non-aircon duol sa pool sa kinatas-an. Katong naay nipa hauz or kwayan nga room. I hope you will reply to me via my e-mail add. I’m planning to visit that resort soon.

  2. 3

    Joana said,


    I am planning to go to your place around August 20-25.. I would just like to inquire if you have like cabana type of rooms with overlooking view towards the mountain..

    You may get back to me through email or you may contact me at 0927-6814047..

    Joana 🙂

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